see below. Cool huh

2016-09-09 13:59

You didn’t think I would leave you all hanging on Sister Big Eyes’ gorgeous wedding, did you? Sister and Brother-in-law were married on a Sunday in June three months and one week after the Sword wedding. It was also the same day as our grandparent’s wedding anniversary AND Father’s Day, making it all that more special.

Dearest hive, I will now attempt to do the impossible—I will recap Sister Big Eyes’ wedding in ONE SINGLE BUT INCREDIBLY LONG BLOG POST. Never mind that recapping my Highland Fairy Tale took about 40 posts, I truly believe I can do this! Hopefully you’ll recognize a lot of familiar faces, but in a whole new setting this time! Minnesota in the summer is quite lovely.

A Fancy Picnic

Getting Ready

Does that look familiar? I have the same shot, see below. Cool huh?

Auntie B’s reaction to seeing the bride:

Does it remind you of the last time she saw a bride?

I love this next shot,559559开奖结果 查询!

First Look and Portraits

Guess who made it to another Minnesota wedding all the way from Bismarck, ND”? our grandparents! We are the luckiest. ?


Look who’s escorting his new Mother-in-law down the aisle—a squinty Mr. Sword!

Yours truly as Matron of Honor.

They sang their vows to each other—it was amazing! And they did a God’s knot, which Sister Big Eyes braided during the ceremony.

Yay—another receiving line! Our family loves giving hugs!


For their guestbook, they had everyone sign an old guitar. And how cute are their functional yet personalized guitar picks that were used as confetti and available for guests to take home! An authentic picnic basket was used for cards.


This guy again,诚然还有些许不完美, killed it with another great Father of the Bride toast—can you imagine having to do TWO in three months?!?

Sister and BIL had taken lessons ahead of time, and they did a fantastic job on their first dance!

Sister Big Eyes invited some of her former students to come towards the end of the day and dance their favorite line dances with her at the reception. It was really sweet.

One thing I regret we couldn’t have was a cute send-off! These ribbon wands were a huge hit with everyone. ?

Mr. Sword and I drove them away from their reception and to my parent’s house, then it was time for our Sister Rock the Frock Photo Shoot!! Coming up NEXT!

All photos by Crystal Liepa Photography because remember, we shrendored.

PHEW, I did it! ? Did you see any details or ideas that inspired you for your wedding?

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